In order to create the most comprehensive and accurate profiles we can, WealthEngine draws from a wide variety of data sources. Some sources provide a specific type of data, and because of this, we then use them to categorize records in the Research Details section of the profiles. 


You can also use these to segment your results once you have submitted a list for screening or pulled a list in prospecting! The Filters ability in My Profiles will allow you to easily identify the individuals in those lists who tie to a certain type of record. For example, if you are looking for inside stock holders, you can filter for people who tie to Wealth ID Securities. 


This article will provide an overview of those sources:

  • Aircraft
  • Airmen’s Certificate 
  • Charitable Donations 
  • Federal Election Commission Campaign
  • Do Not Mail Registry 
  • Dun & Bradstreet
  • GuideStar Directors
  • GuideStar Foundation
  • Hoover’s Business Information
  • Household Profile
  • IRS Section 527  (note: in filters, it just says “IRS Section”. Is this the same?)
  • IRS Section 527 Political Donations
  • Merchant Vessels 
  • Pension Holders
  • Philanthropic Donations
  • Real Estate
  • State Political Donations
  • WealthID Securities



This data is compiled from the FAA Civil Aviation Registry of aircrafts. It is a compilation of information on glider, balloon, blimp, single/multi-engine, and other recreational aircrafts. The search results will identify multiple plane ownership. Aircraft provides assets ownership information. It can also be used to identify individuals who are likely to have an affinity for airspace related causes. A researcher can also use it to identify relationships with other aircraft owners from the same location.


Airmen’s Certificate

The Airmen’s Certificate data source, a regulatory data source, lists individuals who have a United States pilot’s certificate. The data is compiled by the US Federal Aviation Administration and fields displayed by WealthEngine include name, address, and certificate type.

Charitable Donations

The Charitable Donations data source combines information supplied by Jan Grieff Research Associates (JGA) with WealthEngine’s own charitable donations database. It consists of donor lists published by the nation’s largest nonprofit organizations, as well as those nonprofits that have elected to participate in WealthEngine’s ongoing crowdsourcing project by sharing their annual reports. In addition to displaying the type, amount, and year of the gift, this database also lists the recipient organization’s name, location, and areas of focus. This data source continues to grow.

Federal Election Commission Campaign

This data source provides information on political campaign/committee contributions. The data is taken from financial disclosure reports filed by House, Senate, and Presidential campaigns, parties, and PACs from 1993 to the present.

Do Not Mail Registry

The National Do Not Mail Registry is a file of individuals listed at their home address who do not wish to receive promotional mail. The data is supplied to WealthEngine by the Direct Marketing Association which collects the data when consumers register at the DMA Consumer Help website or when consumers send their name and address to the DMA. Registration on the Do Not Mail list remains active for a period of three years.


Dun & Bradstreet

This data source provides information on publicly traded and privately owned businesses and their corporate executives, identifying linkages that an individual has to an organization. The information found within Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) indicates a company’s financial standing, including sales revenues and number of employees, business titles and sometimes executive biographical profiles. If revenues are not provided, D&B will project sales revenues based on the number of employees and industry type.


Guide Star Directors

Compiled annually from the IRS form PF990 as it is submitted, the GuideStar Directors data source includes an organization’s Employer ID number, address and phone number, description and financial information. Directors are generally listed at the nonprofit address.


Guide Star Foundation

This file consists of regulatory reports over several years for foundations and the associated trustees found in the IRS form PF990. The information gathered includes an organization’s Employer ID number, address and phone number, description and financial information. Where available, the file also includes compensation information for the trustees and total asset information for the foundation.


Hoover’s Business Information

This data source provides insight into 42,000 companies and approximately 500,000 business contacts. It contains officer information and board members for public US companies and US companies in IPO registration. Compiled information includes compensation details and insight into an individual’s wealth based on age, salary, bonus, and total compensation. Other information includes the individual’s business address, phone and fax numbers and information regarding the company with a direct link to the Hoover’s company description.


Household Profile

Household Profile uses statistically modeled data derived from census data, motor vehicle departments, insurance sources, and warranty cards to develop profiles within The WealthEngine Platform. These profiles contain property information such as dwelling type, home value, purchase date, home loan value, and length of residency. They also contain information regarding the household, such as the primary individual’s marital status, gender, occupation, age, estimated income, and whether or not the individual is the holder of an upscale retail credit card, as well as the number of adults in the household (including, if possible, the name of a second individual) and whether or not children are present.


IRS Section 527

This data source lists people associated with Section 527 organizations, sometimes referred to as “special interest groups”. A Section 527 organization is a federal designation, defined as a “party, committee, association, fund, or other organization (whether or not incorporated) organized and operated primarily for the purpose of directly or indirectly accepting contributions or making expenditures, or both” to influence, or attempt to influence, “the selection, nomination, election or appointment of an individual to a federal, state, or local public office or office in a political organization.”


IRS Section 527 Political Donations

This data source lists people who have contributed to a Section 527 organization. A formal definition of such organizations is provided above.


Merchant Vessels

This data source identifies owners of merchant vessels in the U.S. obtained from the U.S. Coast Guard’s Marine Safety Information System. Additional information provided includes vessel name, gross weight and length, port of documentation and authorized trade endorsements, hailing port, and manufacturer identification. This data source is combined with our State Boat Registrations data and displayed under Vessels.


Pension Holders

This data source collects information from the annual reports of qualified pension plans such as SEP and Keogh on self-employed individuals who have established pensions. Data provided includes address, plan information and plan value.


Philanthropic Donations

This data source includes a select group of major gift records traced back to the donor’s home address. The records show the gift amount, the year in which it was made, and the recipient organization.


Real Estate

This data may be referring to: 

  • Property profile, including ownership, site address, property details, tax information, and most recent sale information,
  • Comparable sales, including distance from searched property, property details, sale date, sale amount, assessed amount, and a map of the relevant properties, and
  • Property history, including transaction types, transfer date and value, and loan information.


State Political Donations

The State Political Donations data source, updated quarterly, displays state-level campaign contributions made to individual candidates, political party committees and ballot measure committees. Data is collected from campaign finance reports that are filed with state disclosure offices.


Wealth ID Securities

This data source compiles information reported to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and collected by Thomson Financial. WealthID provides information on stock transactions for common stock and preferred stock company insiders. A formal definition of an “insider” is provided above in the Reuters Market Guide data source.