Even as you search and screen to better understand your constituents, we know that your work doesn’t stop there. So, neither does ours! After all, sometimes you’re actually looking to expand your reach. In those moments it can be frustrating to recognize that there are people out there who both care about the same things you do and have the capacity to be fantastic donors - if only you knew who they were. Well, Prospect will help you find them. Using this tool, you can pick from over 250 attributes to pull a list of strangers’ profiles that look like your very best supporters.

Step 1: Check Reports.

Each and every time you go to build a Prospect list, the first thing you should do is check your credits! 

The Reports area of the Platform will show how many credits you’ve purchased and how many your team has used so far – in other words, how many profiles you can still pull.

Step 2: Set up your Suppression.

Upload files from your database into Prospect's Suppression feature to make sure that you aren’t buying anyone you already know. You can suppress lists of your staff, people in your database, and any Prospect lists you've purchased in the past. For specific steps, check out our Suppression How-To Guide.

Step 3: Define the attributes.

Now you can begin building your list by identifying the qualities you want the profiles to have!

Sub step 1: Is WE Analyze part of your subscription? If so, think about whether you want to use a model. 

Sub step 2: Select the core attributes, such as location, contact information, and key scores.

Sub step 3: Get creative – and play! There are over 250 different attributes from which you can build your list, so we recommend experimenting and combining different qualities just to see what is possible.

Step 4: Preview the List.

Sub step 1: Click Preview to see a basic statistical breakdown of your list.


Sub step 2a: If you think you can improve the list, click Refine Query and continue to make changes.

Sub step 2b: If you’re satisfied with the list, click Next and proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Purchase the list.

This is a several-step process meant to make it hard for you to accidentally buy a list.

Sub step 1: A pop-up should have appeared. Review the information there, check the box beside I’ve read and understand this, then click Next.

Sub step 2: Tell the computer whether you want to buy all the profiles in the list, or just a certain number.

  • Note: this will give you a random selection. If you want to narrow your list with more precision, go back and continue to refine your query.


Sub step 3: Name your list; this is what will appear in your My Profiles.

Sub step 4: Click Get Prospects.

  • Note: at this point, your credits will be subtracted and the profiles sent to your My Profiles.