Looking to expand your reach? We’ve got you covered! Using the Prospect tool you can build and pull a list of brand new, promising leads. While they might be strangers to you, they do have the qualities that mean they’d still make excellent leads. However, there are a lot of attributes you can choose from when building your list – over 250! If you want to make the most out of them, these best practice recommendations will be invaluable.

Recommendation 1: Check your credits.

Each and every time you go to build a Prospect list, the first thing you should do is check your credits! 

The Reports area of the Platform will show how many credits you’ve purchased and how many your team has used so far – in other words, how many profiles you can still pull. You can pull as many lists as you like, provided you have enough credits left to cover them.

Recommendation 2: Take advantage of the Suppression.

In order to make sure you aren’t wasting your credits, you can suppress lists of people you already know, as well as any Prospect lists you've purchased in the past. This will prevent you from buying them. 

Recommendation 3: Applying a model.

Is WE Analyze part of your subscription? If so, you can build a model based on a list of your top donors and then apply it to the Prospect tool to find people who are similar. Combine this with your choice of additional attributes!

Recommendation 4: Check “Return one record per household.”

WE scores profiles on a household basis, so not checking this box means you may buy the same information multiple times.

Recommendation 5: Consider contact information.

Make sure that you’re only buying profiles that have the contact information you want to use. For example, if you are planning to do a mailing, make sure you’re only buying profiles that have a residential address. Also, consider reliability (e.g. people change emails more frequently, calls are often screened, etc).

Recommendation 6: Use key scores to buy only the best people.

Use the Propensity to Give score, found under the Giving category. The lower the digit the better!

  • Note: To learn more, check out our comprehensive P2G Guide and video.

Recommendation 7: Scan options under Attribute List.


Some attributes that are uniquely valuable to you may be buried in various categories and thus hard to find. If you go to the Attributes List tab at the top of the page, they’ll be listed out and you can more easily see what all your options are.

For example, an organization working to prevent child drownings might build a list of people who: 

  • Look like major gift givers
  • Have a property with a pool
  • Have a child under the age of ten

Recommendation 8: Play!

Before you actually buy a list, we recommend you spend some time playing in the tool.

Substep 1: Every organization is different. Think about who your very best donors are – what qualities they share, and what sets them apart from other people.

Substep 2: Practice combining different qualities; experiment with creating several different lists just to see what is possible.

Substep 3: Take advantage of the Preview button to see a basic statistical breakdown of your list. You can use this information to go back, refine your query, and make it even better!