The set up you do prior to pulling a list is crucial! There are certain steps that should be taken before you begin, and others that, if done in a certain order, will get you better results. This checklist will walk you through them.

Step 1: Watch the Quick Start video.

This 10-minute video will give you a very basic rundown of what you need to know before you get started. It is automatically emailed to every user in your account.

Step 2: Set up your Inner Circle.

Put together a list of close allies (e.g. board members, former colleagues, beloved clients and customers) who would be willing to help you cultivate someone they know.  You can follow the step-by-step instructions in the Inner Circle Guide.

Step 3: Check how many credits you have.

The Reports area that you can find in the upper right of the WealthEngine Platform will tell you how many people you can purchase. 

You can pull as many lists as you like, provided you have enough credits left to cover them. If you run out of credits you can buy more at any time.

Step 4: Set up your suppression.

Obviously, you don’t want to waste your money buying anyone you already know. To prevent this, you can follow our Setting Up Suppression Guide and upload lists of people from your database.

Step 5: Consider contact Information.

Make sure that you’re only buying profiles that have the contact information you want to use. At the same time, think about what is most reliable (e.g. people change emails more frequently, calls are often screened, etc).

Step 6: Use key scores to buy only the best people.

For example, make sure you are taking advantage of the Net Worth bar, displayed prominently at the top of the page.

Step 7: Consider best practices.

Look through our Tips for Prospect: Best Practices Guide for tips and strategies.

Step 8: Understand at what point you’ve bought a list.

It is very difficult to accidentally buy a list. To see how tough, check out our Point of No Return Guide.

Now you can start to pull lists!