Once you have gotten the results back from your screening, that is of course only the beginning; your next task is to segment it. If you’ve submitted a large list, it can be especially hard to figure out where your focus should be and who you should be talking to. WealthEngine built the filters and tags in My Profiles to serve this very purpose!


This article will cover:

  • Filters      
    • How it Works
    • Use Cases
  • Tags
    • How it Works
    • Use cases


This tool allows you to find the special people in your file by choosing from over 50 different attributes. Your options range from key scores and wealth ratings to donation history and even the specific data sources the profiles matched to! After all, if you screen 10,000 individuals, you want to quickly identify who among them should be your focus.

How it Works

Applying Attributes

The Filters section on the left of the My Profiles page lists eleven categories of attributes. Click on a category to open it and then, using the different options, specify what you are looking for. Then click "Apply!"

Keep in mind that the "Any of" label will appear in some categories (e.g. Research Details).

This means that if you select three attributes from that section, the filter will pull people who have any one of those qualities. However, you can click to change this to "All of" - then it will only show you people who match all of them!

Removing Attributes

Once you’ve applied a filter to your file, you’ll see all of the attributes listed across the top of the page, each in its own box. To remove one, simply click on the “x” icon.   

Use Cases

You can combine all sorts of different qualities in a filter, depending on what you’re looking for! For example, you could pull profiles that (based on their ties to data) are… 

Connected to someone you know:

  • Inner Circle Match

Hidden gems for you to cultivate:

  • P2G: 1/5 or better
  • Donation History: largest gift to you was < $500

Elite people:

  • Net Worth: $10MM+
  • Nonprofit Board Member
    • Matching to Wealth ID Securities (insider stock)
    • Business Ownership: $5MM+

Right group for a specific mailing and ask amount:

  • P2G: 3/1 – 3/3
    • Age: 25 – 65 years
    • Washington, D.C. Metro Area

Profiles that were generated or updated within a specific period:

  • Search Date: between April 1, 2019, and April 1, 2020
  • Last Updated Date: after or on Jan 1, 2020



While there are a wide variety of provided attributes to choose from, you may find that you want something a little more customized. After all, every organization is different! You likely have unique or highly specific qualities that would help you when segmenting your list – if only they were options in Filters. This is where Tags come in.

  • Note: Before the WE9 product release you were able to create and organize profiles into subfolders; the tagging system now serves that purpose.

How it Works

Managing Tags

If you want to create new tags as well as view, edit, or delete existing ones, you will do this in your My Profiles section. Simply click on the … More tab at the top of the page and then select Tag Manager.

Applying Tags

There are two methods of applying/removing those tags to your people. 

Option 1: You can do so one-at-a-time by accessing and editing that person’s individual profile.

Option 2: You can do this in My Profiles.Select the profiles you want to tag or un-tag and then click on the Tag tab at the top of the page. Follow the instructions, choose the relevant tag/s, and save!

  • Note: This is also how you can apply badges to multiple people at once. To learn more about Badges, check out our My Profiles Guide.

Using in Filters

Once you’ve created your tag and it’s been applied to the right profiles, you can use it when applying filters; it should appear under the Tags category.

Use Cases

There are a lot of different ways you can take advantage of tags, so feel free to get creative. For example, a tag can… 

Signify your relationship:

  • Top Donors
  • Membership Level: Partner
  • Alumni
  • Volunteer

Mark the type of campaign they are a part of:

  • Annual Fund
  • Capital Campaign
  • Email Campaign

Identify specific qualities you can use for cultivation:

  • Prospective Donors in Mid-West
  • New York City Gala Attendees
  • Interest – Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Clean Energy Petition Signers

You can even use tags to delineate who in your team is doing what!

  • Sarah’s Leads
  • Robert Assigned
  • Group 1