The setup you do prior to submitting a screening is crucial! There are certain steps that should be taken first, and best practices you’ll want to take advantage of. This checklist will walk you through them.

Step 1: Watch the Quick Start video.

This 10-minute video will give you a very basic run-down of what you need to know before you get started. It is automatically emailed to every user in your account.

Step 2: Set up your Inner Circle.

Put together a list of close allies (e.g. board members, long-term advocates, former colleagues, beloved volunteers) who would be willing to help you cultivate someone they know. You can follow step-by-step instructions in our Inner Circle Guide.


Step 3: Check how many credits you have.

This will tell you how many people you can purchase. You can pull as many lists as you like provided you have enough credits left to cover them. If you run out of credits you can buy more at any time.

  • Note: Your Admin can go into Manage Account to see how many credits you have and keep track of your usage. 


Step 4: Express or Batch Upload?

Figure out whether you should use the Express or Batch Upload. If doing the Express, then decide which template you will use.


Step 5: Consider best practices.

Look through our Best Practices Screening Guide for tips and guidance.


Step 6: Think seriously about what to include in your screening.

The more information you include (assuming it is accurate) the better a result you may get.


Now you can start to submit screenings!