Address Search will pull every profile that is associated with the address you enter. You can use this to find your person!

Remember, there are no limits to the number of Address Searches you can do.

Why use Address Search?

There are two main use cases:

  • You want to see who lives on a specific property.
  • You tried doing an Advanced Person Search or Screening, but it didn’t work and you suspect some part of the address you have is wrong.  No problem – you can try a partial address!

As well as a third, less common use:

  • You can find brand-new leads. If you happen to notice that several of your top donors live on the same street, or even know of a wealthy street in an area you think might be particularly favorable to you, then you can do a search for that street and see whether any of the profiles that come up look interesting.
  • Note: The Prospect tool allows you to find new leads in a much more precise way. However, the great thing about Address Search is that it doesn’t use credits


What do the search results mean?

This search will bring back all the profiles in WealthEngine’s database that are associated with the address. In other words, keep in mind that your person may not actually own the property. Perhaps they are renting but used the address when making a political donation or maybe they are trying to do it through a business record because they work in that building. Once you get to the profile, it will tell you where we are getting the address from, but initially, we are casting as wide a net as possible. There are a lot of wealthy people who don’t want to be tied to their assets and are therefore hiding their properties in trusts or LLCs; this gives us a much better chance of catching them for you.

You can use a partial address!

So now you’ve tried using the address in Person Search, but nothing is coming up - why? Well, it may be that part of that address is wrong!


If your individual lives right outside of a city, they may think of themselves as living in that city – and so that’s what they gave you. If that’s the issue, you can just search by street address and zip code.

House Number

If you are getting your information from something handwritten, like a sign-in sheet, the house numbers can frequently be hard to read. As a result, they may have been entered into your database incorrectly. In such an instance you can simply search for the street itself.

The search will pull up every address along that street and all the people that tie to each address.