Organization Search can be used to find a new lead if you aren’t sure of their name. Whether all you have is a nickname or you simply don’t know how to spell it, the regular Person Search is so heavily name-based that it may not work for you. However, if you do know that they serve on a particular organization’s board, you may be able to locate their profile that way!

Remember, there are no limits to the number of Organization Searches you can do.

Step 1: Are they tied to a particular organization?

You’ll start off searching for a business, foundation, or non-profit that your person is closely tied to, but again, this will hopefully take you to that individual’s profile in the end.

Step 2: Do you remember its name?

If yes, type it into the search bar and jump ahead to Step 4. If no, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Search by category, rather than name.

You may still be able to find the organization even if you don’t remember the name or how to spell it!

Substep 1: Go to the Organization tab field and specify whether you’re looking for a business or nonprofit. You can use multiple filter options available.

Substep 2: The system will give you a list of all the organizations it can find. Scroll through the results until you see the one you recognize.

Step 4: Click on the organization’s name.

This will take you to the organization’s page. There may be some basic information, such as the address, total revenue, or even a non-profit’s tax filings, but this really isn’t intended to help you learn about the organization itself; the heart and focus is the list of contacts.

Step 5: Find your person in the Contact List.

Scroll down to the Contact List section. Click through the different category tabs to see all the profiles we’ve connected to the organization. Keep in mind that this list may be more or less comprehensive and up to date depending on the type of organization.

Step 6: Click on their name.

If you’ve found the person you’re looking for, click on their name. The system will then try to pull you to their profile.

Sidenote: A secondary purpose…

Some of our clients have used the ability to search by category to find brand new leads! After all, you may find one of the subcategories, such as Environment: Alliances & Advocacy (Nonprofit only) or Commercial Banking (Business only) intriguing. You want to identify those organizations in your area, because you think that the sort of person who would be on their board is someone you might want to cultivate.