Screening is like doing a mass Search. Instead of looking up one person at a time, you will provide us with an entire list of people so that we can then return all their profiles at once!

There are two main methods of uploading a file to be screened: Express and Batch - but which one should you use? This is an important question because the options aren’t interchangeable and it really depends on the size and type of file you’re uploading. Let’s break it down!


Use Case

Express is used to process all screenings of fewer than 100,000 records at a time that don’t require any other processing (e.g. NCOA, WE Locate, or other appends). This is the quick, DIY method in which the file goes directly into the WE system and is read by the computer. You’ll typically see your Express results within about 4 hours.


When submitting your screening you can arrange your data into one of two standard templates: Basic and Detailed. Both options have the same required fields (first name, last name, street address, city, state, and zip code); the key difference is that the Detail template offers additional optional columns that can improve your results.

If it’s proving difficult for you to fit your data into one of our pre-built versions, you can create your own customized template to match your file layout. This way you can decide which fields are included in your import and export, as well as their ordering.


Batch Upload

Use Cases

Batch Upload has two different uses:

  • Process extremely large or complex screenings of 100,000 records or more. Files of this size require a human on WealthEngine’s end to ensure they run correctly. Because of this, it can take up to 10 business days.
  • Securely send non-screening files to WE, such as your Inner Circle list. This has no cost.

Screening History

Click on the screen tab to see all of the screening histories. This will display a list of all screenings you’ve already submitted, as well as their basic details and current status. The moment you submit a file it should show up there.