Certain profiles will contain donation data, and you can incorporate this information into your assessment of the customer or client's interests and capacity. However, it's important to note that there are three primary types of donation data, each pulling information from distinct sources.

1. Political Donations

There are several different sources of political donations, all of which are curated outside of WealthEngine.

Federal Election Commission Campaign

Political campaign/committee contributions are taken from financial disclosure reports filed by House, Senate, and Presidential campaigns, parties, and PACs. They run from 1993 to the present.

State Political Donations

State-level campaign contributions made to individual candidates, political party committees, and ballot measure committees. Data is collected from campaign finance reports that are filed with state disclosure offices.

Section 527 Political Donations

Donations that have been contributed to a special interest group – specifically a Section 527 organization. This is a federal designation for an organization (party, committee, association, fund, etc.) whose primary purpose is to influence the election or appointment of a candidate to public office or office in a political organization.

2. Philanthropic Donations

This data source, also curated outside of WealthEngine, includes a select group of major gift records traced back to the donor’s home address. The records show the gift amount, the year in which it was made, and the recipient organization.

3. Charitable Donations

Charitable Donations is the only data source that WealthEngine curates, which houses millions of donations sourced from donor lists published by the nation's largest nonprofit organizations. Additionally, it includes contributions from nonprofits participating in WealthEngine's continuous crowdsourcing project, where they voluntarily share their annual reports

This database has the potential to display details such as the type, amount, and year of the gift, along with the recipient organization's name, location, and areas of focus. However, these reports typically lack the full address necessary for our computer system to conclusively confirm that the contribution pertains to the specified individual rather than someone resembling them. Consequently, when reviewing Charitable Donations on a profile, you are essentially viewing a list of donations that the system considers might be associated with the individual. Due to this uncertainty, Charitable Donations will consistently be assigned a Medium Quality of Match (QOM), indicating that it is not factored into any of the key scores on the profile.

While the Charitable Donations data source will never be comprehensive, it does continue to grow as we add thousands of annual donations to the system every week.

  • Note: Charitable Donations, Federal Election Campaign Contributions, and SSDI Death Index records are the only Medium QOM data that are automatically included in profiles. To learn more about Quality of Match (QOM), check out our How We Build Profiles Guide.