When working within the WealthEngine platform, the tabs at the top of your screen are pretty important. Since our WE9 release you’ve probably noticed that these have changed a bit! Don’t worry, you won’t generally be losing functionality in our new Platform – but some things will be in different places.

This guide will break that down for you, as well as touch on how the actual tools have (or haven’t) changed.

This article will cover:

  • Old View of Tabs
  • New View of Tabs
  • Dashboard
  • Search
  • Prospect
  • Screen
  • Analyze -> Models
  • Reports
  • My Results -> My Profiles

Old View of Tabs


New View of Tabs


Similar to the previous "Home" tab, this is where you can click into each of the tools and find important training resources. Now you will also be able to easily access the lists that you have recently screened and/or pulled from Prospect, as well as the individual profiles that you have viewed. 



This is where you will do individual research - looking people up one at a a time. You’ll find that some areas in this tool are now collapsible and the pages are a little easier to navigate. The "Quick" option in Person Search has been made the default and streamlined for ease of use, but "Advanced" is still available. As before, Quick and Advanced may get you different results, and neither is inherently superior.

There have been no changes made to any of the other Search types. 

  • Note: For more information on the tool see our Search Guide



WE Prospect is where you’ll find brand new leads. There are some changes here, but all pretty minor. A few attributes have been retired due to changes and low match counts, but this is simply as a result of our ongoing efforts to improve our data and as before, you still have over 250 of those qualities to choose from! We've also tried to make navigation a little more intuitive by grouping a few of the other attributes in a more systematic way.


The Screen tab is where you will do a mass search. Instead of looking people up one-by-one in Search, you’ll send us an entire list and we’ll then return all of their profiles at once. Neither the overall view nor the screening upload process have changed.


Analyze --> Models

Now we are getting into the significant changes! Not only is the name of the tab changing, but the content is as well:

Old Tab: Analyze

The old Analyze tab takes you to a page with two sections: Models and Lists.

New Tab: Models

The new Models tab will pull you right to the Models page, without you having to do that extra click.

Don’t worry, you aren’t losing the ability to Analyze lists! You’ll be able to very easily do that from within the My Profiles tab.



This is the only tab that is actually going away. However, you should still be able to get the same information, you’ll just be getting it in a different (probably easier) way.

When you go to Export your file, you’ll have a number of pre-built templates to choose from. Your options will include the following reports:

  • Asset Summary
  • Financial Scores
  • Philanthropic Rating Summary
  • Planned Giving
  • Ratings Detail

So, rather than having to go into a separate tab to pull that information, you can do it right from your results!

The final report, Match Statistics, is a little different. Instead of being a data export, it was a pdf that provided very basic, high-level statistical analysis. Now you’ll be able to get that same information (and more!) if you use Analyze from within My Profiles.


My Results --> My Profiles

Old Tab: My Results

My Results was where your work was stored: the results of any Screenings you’d done, lists you’d pulled from Prospect, and profiles you’d found through the individual Search (and decided to save). It enabled you to apply filters, segment, export, and otherwise work with those results.

New Tab: My Profiles

My Profiles is all of that – and much, much more! Not only are tools such as filters now more intuitive and easier to work with, you also have new abilities. Whether it’s being able to quickly search for a profile by name or creating tags for your campaigns and pinning them to profiles, there’s a lot to explore.

Whereas the old My Results was something of an island, now you can analyze, score, and even create models for your results without having to click away.