Okay, so you’ve added a new User. Now what?

Before they can even set up their password, you first must decide what access and abilities you want to give them. After all, different members of your team play different roles! This is especially important because many of the tools have limits when it comes to the number of people who can use them and in how much they can be used.

To prevent any accidental misuse of the tools, your account Admin will make those management decisions up front.

  • Note: For step-by-step instructions see the Adding Users Guide. Adding Users


When a user is added they are automatically created in an Inactive state. This means that the Admin of your account must switch them to Active status before doing anything else.

  • Note: Only the Admin can activate users. This will be the first person who set up their login and password.


Seats and Limits

Each tool in your subscription has a specific number of user seats – that’s how many people can access it! In addition, some tools are limited in terms of usage (e.g. 8,000 Screening credits means you can screen up to 8,000 people).

You don’t want any of your users accidentally misusing your tools or using up more than their fair share of credits. That means you should think critically about what you want each member of your team working on and set up their access and abilities accordingly. First, following our Adding users How-to Guide, assign them a seat for each tool you want them to have and then specify the number of credits they can use.

  • Note: Contact your Sales Rep or Customer Service if you run out of credits and want to purchase more.

Suppression Management

The Prospect tool is used to find brand new donors – which means you don’t want to waste those credits on anyone you already know. To prevent this, you can upload files of your contacts and constituents, which will then be checked against the list of new leads you build. You can suppress lists of your staff, people who are in your database, and any Prospect lists you've purchased from us in the past.

However, the ability to upload and manage these suppression lists is restricted to your account Admin unless they go into Manage Account and switch the Suppression Management toggle beside another user’s name. That user will then be able to add new lists as well as view, rename, or delete the ones that have already been uploaded. They will also be able to choose whether to suppress all uploaded lists or select specific ones.

Enable Folder Sharing

The My Profiles section is where you can find the results of your screening, lists you’ve pulled from Prospect, and any profiles you found using the individual Search and decided to save.

However, each user’s My Profiles section is separate, meaning that it will only show the result of their work in the platform. This default setting means that each person can easily view and manage their profiles without having to sift through what everyone else is doing. For example, if you submit a screening you will see the results, but the other users in your account won’t - unless you take the steps to share it with them.

To do this, your Admin must first go into Manage Account and find the Enable Sharing toggle that is to the right of each user’s name. Once the one by your name is switched “On” you can both send and receive files. In your My Profiles, you will see a new Share button appear. If you select the folder you want to send and then click Share, the other users, provided they have also been enabled, will then see it in their My Profiles section.

  • Note: API results will go directly into your database and will not appear in the WE Platform itself.