You can access or edit information about your account by going to the upper right-hand corner of the screen and clicking on the little person icon by your name. The drop-down menu will give a number of different options, each covered in this guide.



Giving Capacity Formula

While the Gift Capacity certainly won’t be your focus, it will impact some of the key scores you’ll use to read an individual's profile. Depending on your constituency and geographic area, some of the assets upon which the score is based might end up skewing the results. For example, if real estate is unusually expensive or income notably lower in your area than on the national average, that could make some people look more/less promising than they actually are. For this reason, you have the ability to modify the formula so as to make it more targeted.

Inner Circle

The Inner Circle feature cross-references a list of specific individuals that you’ve put together against your future searches and screenings. The Inner Circle highlights when one of your leads is connected to someone with whom you have a close relationship. This page allows you some control over how those lists are updated and maintained.

Manage Account 

Manage Account is where your Admin (usually the first person who set up their login) can add and customize users, view your subscription, and run reports. They can also see your API Key/s and subaccounts if you have them.

Account Sign-in access 

To assist with support issues, you may grant your administrator or support personnel the ability to log in as you access your data. 


Click on exports to view all the export files



The Reports area of the Platform will show how many credits you’ve purchased and how many your team has used so far – in other words, how many profiles you can still pull.


Click sign out to log out from your profile.