You can access or edit information about your account by going to the upper right-hand corner of the screen and clicking on the little person icon by your name. The drop-down menu will give a number of different options, each covered in this guide.

This article will cover:

  • Preferences
  • Usage
  • Integrations
  • Manage Account

Account Info

This is where you can edit your contact information as well as change your password and security questions.


Preferences gives you the ability to make certain customizations. Some are surface level display changes that will streamline your work by prioritizing the information and tools you use most frequently, while other options are more substantive.

Landing Page

Each time you log in, the WE Platform opens to a default landing page. If you find that it isn’t taking you to the tool you use most frequently, you can change it.

Default Profile Page

When you click on a profile it opens automatically to the Person Profile summary page. This is where you can view your person’s basic identifying information as well as the key scores that will allow you to make an initial judgment as to whether they are worth your time. However, if you would rather profiles open immediately to Research Details, where you can view the profile’s data sources and individual records, you can make that change!

Giving Capacity Formula

While the Gift Capacity certainly won’t be your focus, it will impact some of the key scores you’ll use to read an individual's profile. Depending on your constituency and geographic area, some of the assets upon which the score is based might end up skewing the results. For example, if real estate is unusually expensive or income notably lower in your area than on the national average, that could make some people look more/less promising than they actually are. For this reason, you have the ability to modify the formula so as to make it more targeted.

Inner Circle

The Inner Circle feature cross reference a list of specific individuals that you’ve put together against your future searches and screenings. The Inner Circle highlights when one of your leads is connected to someone with whom you have a close relationship. This page allows you some control in how those lists are updated and maintained.


In the WealthEngine Platform, “Usage” can refer to a number of different things. Here, it is referring to email verification. It will show you how many records you can use this tool on before your plan runs out and will keep track of how many you have actually used.

  • Note: This is tracked at the account level.


This option will appear in the drop-down menu only if your subscription includes an integration and you have already taken the steps to set it up. This is where you can easily access that system! For example, if you have a Salesforce Connector and want to use it for searches, then rather than having to open a new window, you can simply log in here. 

  • Note: If you aren't sure whether this is included in your subscription, look in Manage Account or talk to Customer Service

Manage Account

The Manage Account section can only be accessed by the Admin/s of your account. This is where you can add and manage users as well as track usage and view your subscription, API keys, and Sub-Accounts.