Some of the tools in your subscription have limits on how much they can be used. This guide will break down how it works for each of them, as well as introduce you to the ways your Admin can check, track, and even allocate credits in Manage Account.

This article will cover:

  • Tool Limits
  • Viewing and tracking

Tool Limits

Search, Analyze, and Model

As long as they are a part of your subscription, these tools have no usage limits. You can do individual searches, analyze lists, build models, and score profiles against those models as many times as you want!

Screen and Prospect

These tools are both credit-based. Your subscription included a specific number of credits and that number tells you how many people you can send to Screen and/or pull from Prospect (e.g. you can use 10,000 credits to screen 10,000 constituents).  

Think of credits like they are a refillable gift card: so long as you have money on the card you can keep buying things, whether in one big purchase or multiple smaller ones. Once you’ve used it up, however, you’ll no longer be able to get anything. You can always put more on that card – but it will cost you more money.

  • Note: Reach out to your Sales Representative if you think you might want to purchase more credits.  

Viewing and Tracking

The Admin of your account (usually the first person who set up their login) can check, track, and even allocate credits by heading to Manage Account!

Identifying Limits

The Subscription Tab in Manage Account will tell you exactly how many credits were included in your subscription – and how many have been used so far!

Allocating Credits

All users with access to the product will be able to use up those credits at their own discretion. However, you can change that! In the Subscription Tab you’ll see an "Allocate" option beside each tool.  In checking that box, you are informing the system that you want to assign allotments of credits in the Users Tab.

Usage by Product

The Reports Tab in Manage Account shows how many times each tool has been used compared to its limit. You can use this to identify whether any of your products are being under or over-utilized.

Usage by User

The Reports Tab in Manage Account shows you to what extent a particular person has been using each tool (e.g. the number of people they've pulled in Prospect or records they’ve screened). If you realize that one of your tools is being misused, you can identify which user is responsible. You can then check in with them and maybe even change their access and abilities.