The Propensity to Give (P2G) is WealthEngine’s key overall score, and it likely presents the most complete picture of your person! It is designed to serve as both a safety net and as a way to segment and prioritize across all levels of your fundraising program. After all, you want to make sure that you are allocating your resources correctly and engaging in the right type of outreach for your people!

The P2G is great for both these purposes because, unlike our other scores, it will incorporate all the data in the profile, not just the more traditional wealth and assets information. In other words, it will also consider the strength and predictive value of specific data source matches (e.g. a tie to a family foundation) as a way of identifying exciting leads. This is especially valuable because some of your most promising individuals may have managed their finances and estates so as to make it look like they don’t own anything; the P2G is uniquely designed to catch those people.

Keep in mind that this represents a propensity for general philanthropic giving – so it is not necessarily how likely they are to give to you or organizations like you, but instead how likely they are to give to someone.

This article will cover:

  • How It Works
  • The First Digit
  • The Second Digit
  • Additional Detail

How It Works

The P2G Score is a two-digit number. The first digit represents the overall category, on a scale of 1-5. Each of these categories is given a text description for easy comprehension by people at all levels of your organization. The second digit of each score is used to subdivide and rank individuals within that category. In both cases, the lower the number, the better the score.

The First Digit

The chart below details the characteristics and practical use cases of each of the first digit categories:

The Second Digit

If the first digit of the P2G Score is the category within which your person falls, the second digit denotes their ranking within that category. After all, if you’ve screened 1500 people and 200 of them turn out to be in the 1 Category, that is still a lot of people, and those 200 are not all of equal value! Your next step is to determine who you should be prioritizing – which is where the P2G’s second digit comes into play.

Additional Detail

For more detail, refer to the tables on the following pages to see exactly what data source criteria is used when scoring with P2G.

  • Note: these profiles match to one of the data points (pictured above) that we’ve identified as correlating very highly with major gift giving behavior. This is your A+ group.


  •  Note: these profiles do not match to any of the 1/0 criteria, but they do match to one of the 1/1 to 1/5 data points (pictured above). They are still correlated with major gift giving but are just not quite as exceptional as the 1/0s.

  • Note: these profiles do not match to any of Category 1 criteria, but they do meet this minimum gift capacity requirement.