The Specialty Tools are completely different from any of the other Search types. In fact, these research tools will actually take you outside of the WealthEngine platform! For this reason, you won’t be able to use them to find a person’s profile; instead you can use them to dive deeper into specific types of data. 

This article will cover:

  • Pinpoint
    • What does it do?
    • Types of Searches
    • Flexibility



What does Pinpoint do?

Pinpoint is your in-depth insider stock tool. It allows you to look up all the individuals that have been listed as an insider with a specific company, as well as to look at all the forms that were filed by those insiders. It might provide their contact information, relationship to associated companies (e.g. titles such as Director, Executive Officer, or Beneficial Owner), and their securities and option holdings for each company. 

Our WealthEngine profiles will already tell you if a person is (or has been) listed as an insider with a company, but Pinpoint provides closer, more detailed, and more up-to-date tracking of those stocks. 

What is an inside stock holder?

Individuals who own 10% or more of a public company and/or are one of the key decision makers at said company are considered insiders. Once someone reaches that level, their stock holdings become public and they then must fill out special forms - this is how WealthEngine is able to get that data. 

Keep in mind that the people belonging to this group are frequently wealthy, influential, and elite!

Types of Searches

There are two key categories of Pinpoint searches: Insider and Company. 

Pinpoint Insider Search 

This tool can be used to find an individual who has been listed as an insider and had to fill out the required forms – they can be either a person or a company! After all, if a company holds 10% or more of a class of stock in another public entity, that makes them an insider in that second company. If this is what you are looking for, you can stay in the Insider Search and simply select “Company” in the Insider drop down and type the company name into the Name field. Your search will look for that company’s name as an insider.

The Insider Summary Report you get back will provide an overview, including contact information, relationship to each company with which they are affiliated, and securities and option holdings they have in said companies. 

Pinpoint Organization Search

This is what you will use when you are looking for a company as a public entity, and not as an insider. The Company Summary Report provides a snapshot of all the individuals that have been listed as insiders with the selected company, complete with an overview of each insider's equity and option positions with the company. You can also find data about the company itself, such as contact information, the ticker under which their securities trade, the trading status of the company (either active or inactive, indicating whether the company is "live"), and the industry category.


Even if you have some gaps in your knowledge, you may still be able to find the records you’re looking for. In some (not all) cases, you can get creative:

Person Name

When looking for an individual, you must provide a name (surname, followed by first name, then middle – but without commas). That said, this is a wildcard search, so if you aren’t sure about the spelling, you can put in the first few letters and it will then find all the names beginning with those letters. 

Alternatively, if you don’t know the person’s name but you do know the company with which they are affiliated, you can start with a Company Search. Once you reach that organization’s page, it will list all current and former insiders. If your person is in that list, you can click on their name and it will take you to their Insider Summary Report.

Organization Ticker: 

If you are searching for a person with an affiliation to a specific company (and want to include this tie in your search) then you must supply the ticker for that organization.  However, if you don’t know it, that’s okay! Just click on the “Look Up Ticker button located directly beneath the “Affiliated Company” field title.