Submitting files and receiving results is really only the beginning of your journey! The next, most critical step, is working with that data. In the new WealthEngine9 release there have been a number of significant updates and changes in this area.

This article will cover:

  • The Big Change
  • Before: My Results
  • Now: My Profiles

The Big Change

My Results is now My Profiles:


There are some key differences, which will be outlined below.

Before: My Results

My Results was where your work was previously stored: the results of any Screenings you’d done, lists you’d pulled from Prospect, and profiles you’d found through the individual Search (and decided to save). It enabled you to apply filters, segment, export, and otherwise work with those results.

Now: My Profiles 

My Profiles is all of that – and much, much more!

Improved navigation and speed

Some functionalities, such as managing custom exports, are simply more intuitive and easier to navigate, with higher-speed data processing making your results easier to work with.

Master of all Trades:

Whereas the old My Results was something of an island, now in My Profiles you can analyze, score, and even create models for your results without having to click away!

The excel files that you could pull from the former Reports tab have also been pulled into My Profiles. When you go to Export your file, as ever, you’ll have a number of pre-built templates to choose from. Now however, those options will include the following reports:

  • Asset Summary
  • Financial Scores
  • Philanthropic Rating Summary
  • Planned Giving
  • Ratings Detail

This is the same information, just more accessible.

  • Note: As long as Analyze is a part of your subscription, there are no longer limits to the number of times you can analyze a list, build a model, and score profiles against it!

New Abilities

Other updates actually provide you with new tools and abilities! There are small improvements, like being able to quickly search for a profile by name, as well as more widely impactful changes, like our new Tagging system.

In WealthEngine9, you can create your own custom tags for your campaigns, getting as granular as you want, and pin them to profiles. Whether you decide to label certain profiles as “Top Customers” or “Cat People,” those qualities will appear as usable attributes when you go to apply a filter. 

In the past, if you identified a subgroup and wanted to distinguish those profiles from the others, you could create and organize them into subfolders - while that is no longer the case, Tags will essentially serve that same purpose.