Introduction to WE Connector for Salesforce

WE Salesforce Connector establishes a powerful link between our WealthEngine Platform and Salesforce, providing you valuable and easy access to comprehensive wealth insight. Salesforce users get direct access to more than 50 WE data elements and proprietary wealth scores and ratings. With WE Salesforce Connector you have what you need to take your marketing, business development or fundraising efforts to the next level with new insight and productivity.

  • Note: Check to make sure that this is a part of your subscription. If you aren't sure, reach out to your Sales Representative!

Powerful Capabilities:

  • OneClick: Add wealth intelligence to exiting lead, contact or person account records with click of a button
  • Bulk Append: Not only get wealth data on a single lead, contact or person account but also on an entire list with a click of a button from within Salesforce 
    • Reporting: Easily report on wealth data and your data using standard SF reporting and analytics tools
    • Prospecting: Direct integration with WE’s prospecting tool, WE Prospect
    • Search: The ability to send new leads directly to Salesforce from WE Search
    • Auto-Append: Option to automatically append the wealth data upon insertion of new record
    • Report Screening: Automatically screen from any reports that exists within the Salesforce one-time or on a scheduled basis
    • List View ScreeningEnd-users can screen single or multiple records from Salesforce Contact and Lead List views, without going into a record.
    • Available Credits: Visibility of remaining credit amount within the Salesforce app for Admins

    • Customizable:
    • Ability to customize viewable fields and page layout per your needs
    • User based permissions and usage metrics
    • Choose which fields are used for searching against WealthEngine

Attached is our WE Connector for Salesforce app user guide.