How do I set up my login?

You should receive a Welcome Email from our system to create your username and password. If you've checked your spam folder and still can't find the email, please reach out to our Customer Support Team! Make sure they have the right email for you and then ask them to resend it. Keep in mind that the link they send will expire after 24 hours for security reasons, so make sure to use it right away. 

How do I send my data to you?

You will fit your data into one of our templates and upload that list to us using either the Express or Batch options. However, if your subscription includes an API or Connector then you may be able to send your information directly through the integration with your database. In most cases, your file will be read and processed entirely by the computer, which means that the information will have to be in exact order and format in order for the system to read it correctly. 

How am I going to get that data back into my database?

There are a number of WE templates you can use to easily export your data from within your My Profiles section (including some that are built for specific systems, such as Salesforce) or you can build your own to match your particular specifications. Once you have that data downloaded to your computer you can go into your own database and build new corresponding fields, such as "P2G" and "Inner Circle Match." You will then be able to import the data using your normal process. Keep in mind that importing the results back into your database is a user-managed process; if you have questions you can always reach out to us, but it is our partners who build the integrations with our system, not us, so your CRM/DMS will likely be able to answer those questions better than we can. 

What training opportunities do I have?

We do offer Onboarding & training for all of our clients at no additional costs. You'll get the link to register for these calls in your email or else you can reach out to our Customer Support team!

Who do I reach out to if I have questions or issues about my account?

Depending on your subscription you may have been assigned a consultant. If that is not the case, then Customer Service will be your support whenever you have questions or concerns. If you want more information about your subscription, you can also reach out to your sales rep.

What is the difference between Searching and Screening?

Searching in WealthEngine refers to individual prospect research. Screening, on the other hand, is like doing a mass-Search; instead of looking up one person at a time you upload a list of people and we give you back all their profiles at once. Whereas you can do an unlimited number of individual searches, screening is credit-based, which means you purchase a certain number of credits, and then that is the number of people you can screen. For this reason, you want to be careful not to upload a list for screening until you are truly ready.

Does Searching use credits?

Individual searching (anything you do while in the "Search" section of the platform) does not use credits. This means that there is no limit to the number of times you can use it. You could do two trillion individual searches and it will not impact your account in any way.

  • Note: To learn more about credits and the role they play in different functionalities, check out our Usage Limits Guide.

How frequently does your data get updated?

We pull our data from many different sources, some of which update more frequently than others. Our entire system is refreshed a few times a year, however, which means that if you do a search for someone today - and then again, five months from now, it is possible that some of the information may have changed because the data was updated. A best practice is to re-screen or research your prospects every one or two years; any changes in the meantime are unlikely to be drastic.