1. Welcome to WealthEngine9!

2. How has Search changed? 

Searching really hasn’t changed all that much! You’ll find that in WealthEngine9 some areas of the tool are now collapsible and the pages are a little easier to navigate, but there are no major changes. To see a walk-through of these updates, check out the video below: 

3. How has Screening changed? 

Screening has remained essentially the same in WealthEngine9, with no effect on the overall view or upload process. This means that the only notable change is the improved performance due to our new, fast and scaleable cloud-based architecture. However, if you want to see how the tool looks in the new platform, check out the video below:

4. How has Prospect changed?

Prospecting hasn't experienced any huge changes in WealthEngine9. However, there have been some smaller updates to the attributes that you will use to build your list of new leads as well as the location of additional functions, such your Usage Report. To see a little more on these updates, check out the video below:

5.  How has Analyze changed?

Analyze and Modeling are where you will see a lot of the big changes in WE9! These updates range from the shifting of locations for different functionalities all the way to changes in their usage limitations. For a full overview, make sure to check out the video: 

6.  How have profiles changed?

In the WE9 release, profiles have changed significantly, not just in their basic appearance, but also in more subtle ways. These updates are all ultimately intended to improve navigation and increase customization, but you will want to have a decent understanding of exactly where they are and what they mean for your work.

And More

There have also been significant changes made to both the ways in which you will work with your results, so make sure you check out the rest of our new Knowledge Base