Version Requirements 

You must have version 10.1B or greater of SalsaCRM for the integration with WealthEngine to work. Please contact Salsa support if you need to upgrade your instance. 

Setting Up the Plug-In 

The only setup that is required is to enter your WealthEngine credentials within SalsaCRM. 

Navigate to Configuration -> General -> WealthEngine and enter your WealthEngine credentials 

Using the Integration 

The plug-in has two basic functions called WebConnect and ProspectLink. Both are done on the individual level and allow for unlimited searches during your contract with WealthEngine. 

  • WebConnect takes you out to the WealthEngine site, landing on the wealth profile for the person you are looking at. 
  • ProspectLink pulls the results of a wealth search directly into fields in SalsaCRM which are then stored for later reference and reporting. 

When viewing a constituent profile, click on Wealth from the Constituent Explorer in the left navigation to see the WealthEngine page where the data is stored and the WebConnect/ProspectLink buttons exist. 

Click on Retrieve or Re-Retrieve in the lower right to search and pull data back into SalsaCRM and click View in WealthEngine to use WebConnect to be taken out to the profile in the WealthEngine site. 

Have Questions? 

Contact WealthEngine at or 855-200-0665 or via online chat.