If you have done multiple screenings and/or pulled multiple lists from Prospect, you may well want to distinguish between and even edit them when working with those results. There are a number of ways that you can do this; they will each be outlined in this article.

What are “Lists”?

When you go to the My Profiles section of the platform, where your progress and results are stored, you will find an area to the left titled “Lists”. These are the files that you have screened, as well as any groups of individuals that you have pulled using the Prospecting area of the WE Platform.

For example, let’s say that you screened a file of 5000 clients or customers. Once it has been fully processed, your results will appear as a single list. Please note that, if you did not choose a name when you submitted the screening or used Prospect, the default name of the list will be: 

Screened list: [username][date]

Prospecting list: List Created [date]  

The main My Profiles display is automatically set to provide a compilation of every single list. In other words, it will show you all of the profiles that are stored there: 

However, when it comes time to analyze, filter, export, and otherwise work with your results, you will likely want to be more focused. By selecting specific list/s in the Lists section of My Profiles, you will alter what appears in the main view - and therefore, which profiles are being included in whatever action you take next. 

Who can manage a list?

Lists can only be managed by their “owner.” This is the person who submitted the screening or originally pulled the list. WE designed this limitation as a safeguard to prevent individual users from making permanent changes to results without their team’s approval.

For this reason, you may want to consider ahead of time which user will submit or pull a list, as that will determine who can manage the results.

One user submits/pulls all listsUser will have complete flexibility in merging lists together, moving profiles between them, and more.No other user will be able to make edits.
Multiple users submit/pull listsEach user will be able to easily manage their own results.Your team will not be able to combine lists that have different owners. Users that do not own lists will not be able to make changes. 

Neither approach is inherently better. You can best evaluate which is the right one for your team!  

  • Note: This applies to the permanent editing of lists. All users will still be able to work with all lists when filtering and applying tags.

Sharing Lists:

Every user in your account will have their own My Profiles section. This means that if two different users log in, they will each see only their own work in that section.

For example, if your organization has done a screening, only the person who submitted that screening will be able to automatically view the results. This is designed so that you do not have to see everything that everyone else is doing if it is not relevant to you. 

However, if you do want multiple users to view a list, the person who “owns” it can choose to share. Non-owners will then be able to view the list, apply filters, attach tags, and export those profiles. 

Step 1: Enable folder sharing.

  • Note: If a User is not enabled, they will not be able to either share or receive lists.

Sub step 1: Go to the Manage Account area of the WE Platform.

Sub step 2: Switch “Enable Folder Sharing” on for each person you want to receive the list. 

Step 2: Share a specific list.

Sub step 1: Return to the My Profiles section.

Sub step 2: Click the MANAGE LISTS button that is located above your lists in the left display.

Sub step 3: Select the ACTION button that then appears in its place.

Sub step 4: Click Share.

This will give you a pop-up asking if you are certain. If you are, click SHARE again. 

Once you share a list, every person who has folder sharing enabled will then be able to view that list in their My Profiles. 

  • Note: If you ever want to reverse this, you can simply click Un-share in the ACTIONS dropdown. This will remove the list from everyone else’s My Profiles view.   

Merging Lists:

There might be times when you want to merge two lists into one. For example, let’s say that due to its size, you had to split one file into two separate uploads for screening. Because both lists truly belong to one group, you probably want to view their results as one – you can do that! 

  • Note: Some scores and rankings are dependent on comparing the specific profiles within a list. Merging lists together will cause those to recalculate. 

Step 1: Check the box to the left of the lists you want to merge. 

Step 2: Click the MANAGE LISTS button.

Step 3: Select the ACTION button that then appears in its place.

Step 4: Click Merge.

Step 5: Name the new merged list and then click MERGE again.


The two lists will finally be merged together. This new combination will now appear at the top of your lists. 

Adding/Removing Profiles:

You can also move profiles from one list to another. You can either add profiles or remove them, but keep in mind that adding a profile to a second list will remove it from its original list. A profile cannot exist within more than one list at a time.

On the other hand, if you remove a profile from its list without adding it to another, you will not be deleting it. Instead it will exist in your My Profiles section by itself.

  • Note: If you want to for one profile to sit in multiple buckets for the sake of sorting, try Tagging!

Step 1: Select the profile/s you want to move into a different list.

Step 2: Select the list/s that you want to either add the profiles to or remove them from. 

Step 3: Select your action: MOVE TO or REMOVE FROM

This will provide you a pop-up message asking if you are sure and reminding you that this may change some scores and analyses that are based on comparing the profiles within a list.   


  • Note: Remember, this is not creating a copy. If you move a profile from one list to another, you will no longer be able to find it in the original list. 

Creating Lists:

For even further flexibility when organizing your results, you can create a brand-new list into which you can then manually move profiles. 

Any user can create a new list but remember that you can only add profiles that originally belong to a list that you yourself own.

Step 1: Click the MANAGE LISTS button.

Step 2: Select the ACTION button that then appears in its place.

Step 3: Click New.

Step 4: Name the new list and then click CREATE LIST.

The empty list will now appear in the Lists section. You can then add profiles to that list as described previously. 

Deleting Lists:

If you no longer want profiles to be categorized under a particular list, your first step is likely to move them into another. However, if there is no other list you want to send them to, you can simply delete it. 

Doing so will not delete the profiles that make up the list unless you check an additional box. Instead they will continue to be saved in your My Profiles section as individual profiles. However, this means that you will not be able to find them when using the Lists filter. 

  • Note: Like any other edit, only the user who submitted the list can delete it. 

Step 1: Click the MANAGE LISTS button.

Step 2: Select the ACTION button that then appears in its place.

Step 3: Click Delete.

Those are the key ways in which you can manage and alter lists! If you have any additional questions make sure to reach out to our Customer Support team.