There have been a lot of changes to the WealthEngine Platform in the WE9 release! Many of these updates were designed to improve navigation, as well as make it easier to move between the different tools and integrate their insights into your work. While you won’t generally be losing functionality, some things may be in different places and the more substantive updates may even impact how you read profiles and analyze the results of your screenings.

While the entire contents of the Knowledge Base have been redone to reflect the changes in the new Platform, the following videos are entirely dedicated to illuminating exactly what has and hasn’t changed in WE9, as well as its implications when it comes to your work.


Important Note:

This is a static section that represents the key changes that occurred in our transition to the new WE9 Platform. However, we are continuously working to improve and as such, things are still changing! Additional updates of note will be highlighted in the New Features and Improved Functionality section and will be reflected in updates across the Knowledge Base.