WE are continuously making updates an improvements to the platform in order to make it the best it can be. This can take a myriad of forms, from visual improvements to brand-new abilities! As these changes occur, this article will highlight the newest and most note-worthy.

Recent Updates:

  • New Tab
  • Reports
  • Screening 
  • The WealthScore
  • Managing lists in My Profiles

New Tab

There is one new tab across the top of the Platform: 


The Pinpoint feature, which used to be stored in the Search tab as "Specialty", has now been moved into its own. You can use this to dive deeper into insider stock transaction data.

Reports section

Utilizing the new Reports area, all users will now be able to track their own usage to a far greater degree than was previously possible.

Reports will tell each user exactly how many credits were included in your subscription – and how many they have used thus far. 

The Admin of your account, on the other hand, will be able to view the progress of all users! This will enable them to analyze to what extent a particular person has been using each tool (e.g. the number of people they've pulled in Prospect or records they’ve screened). If you realize that one of your tools is being misused, you can identify which user is responsible. You can then check in with them and maybe even change their access and abilities.


There have been several significant improvements to Screening, both in its appearance and its power!

First, and most exciting, Express Screening capabilities have significantly expanded! Whereas previously you were only able to upload up to 15,000 records at a time in Express, you can now submit a maximum of 100,000. 

This improvement is accompanied by some additional front-end changes, such as a new entry view. The Screening tab will now initially open to a page where you will be able to view and easily access any screenings that you have already completed. You will also be able to both find those results in your My Profiles section and Analyze them with just the click of a button.

In addition, if you are interested in creating a custom import template for Express rather than using one of our pre-built options, that ability is now more easily accessible in the new entry page:

The user interface itself has also been vastly improved, meaning that what used to be a somewhat time consuming process is dramatically quicker and easier than ever before. 

The WealthScore

WealthEngine's data scientists have been hard at work to create the brand-new Wealth Score. This is arguably our most impactful score! It provides a comprehensive rating of a person’s overall financial health, taking into account all forms of modeled assets and liabilities. Utilizing predictive analytics and modeling, it combines the strengths of our other key scores to help you differentiate and prioritize profiles with a greater level of granularity than ever before. 

Each profile is assigned a number between 1 and 100; the higher the number, the better. 

You can toggle back and forth between the WealthScore and the P2G to determine which will appear at the center of the Wealth Signal.

Make sure to check out our new WealthScore Guide!



Managing Lists

Once you either submit a file for Screening or pull a group of individuals using Prospecting, the results will appear as a list in My Profiles. That isn't new! However, we have improved customization. 

You can now create new lists, merge or delete existing ones, and even move profiles between them. 

Our Managing Your Lists in My Profiles Guide will outline each of these abilities while also providing step-by-step instructions.