Submitting files and receiving results is really only the beginning of your journey! The next, most critical step, is working with that data. There have been several significant updates and changes in this area.

This article will cover:

  • Managing Lists
  • Now: My Profiles

Managing Lists

Once you either submit a file for Screening or pull a group of individuals using Prospecting, the results will appear as a list in My Profiles. 

That isn't new! However, we have improved customization. You can now create new lists, merge or delete existing ones, and even move profiles between them. 

Tagging and Filtering

In WealthEngine9, you can create your own custom tags for your campaigns, getting as granular as you want, and pin them to profiles. 

Whether you decide to label certain profiles as “Top Customers” or “Cat People,” those qualities will appear as usable attributes when you go to apply a filter. 

In the past, if you identified a subgroup and wanted to distinguish those profiles from the others, you could create and organize them into subfolders - while that is no longer the case, Tags will essentially serve that same purpose.