This article outlines the information that is necessary for the setup of DonorDirect & WE integration. 


Requirements from WealthEngine:

  1. WE subscription with Connector access.
  2. FTP account & credentials (
  3. WealthEngine Username & password.
  4. Custom Import (input) Template (How To Create A Custom Import Template)


1. Single Screening : 

   Update WE credentials in DD system by navigating to System Admin> Configuration>Control records.

   WEALTHSUSR= WE username

   WEALTHSPWD= WE password


2. Bulk screening :

Update WE host and credentials in DD system

  • WealthEngine Host:
  • FTP Username 
  • FTP Password

Using the Integration 

StudioEnterprise has partnered with WE to provide two forms of integration- Bulk processing and Single screening (aka one click update).

Single Screening

The Single Screening functionality is available for any individual/record in StudioEnterprise account.   In other words, WE processing occurs only at the individual level (SP or I type account) not on family accounts, organizations or organization contacts.  

Step 1: To complete WE Single screening in StudioEnterprise, first search for the account in Account Processing.



Step 2: Select WealthEngine activity and click on Perform Screening to initiate single screening.

Step 3: The accounts’ WE results will be returned to the WE Activity grid with processing date. As soon as the Single Screening Activity is executed for the account, a new WE results record will be added to the WE Activity display grid.


Bulk Processing

The StudioEnterprise Bulk WE functionality is a multi-step process. The basic steps are as follows:

Step 1: Create and run a segmentation job to select the desired accounts that you would like to run a WE screen on. 

 Step 2: Access Business Processes>Utilities>WealthEngine  

Step 3: Select the Run option to open the Bulk Processing options box, populating the segmentation job number. Either select Entire Job to include accounts from all segments or select Specific Segment and populate the segment number containing the accounts to be processed:

Step 4: A WE bulk processing run record is created (N15_WealthEngineImport) and populated in the grid with the run status.  

  • R indicates successfully sent
  • E means either communication failed with Wealth Engine server or file was unable to generate
  • L means “WealthEngine has finished processing the accounts. They are now being downloaded to the account import tables.
  • C indicates a completion with the same date was imported back from WealthEngine, but not necessarily the same one. Import marks the oldest status Run ID with status since there is no way to relate sent (N15) data to returned (Q31) data.

A. The Run creates a CSV file on WealthEngine’s SFTP site. 

B. WealthEngine processes the CSV file and provides a results file with a different name using the format InputFileName_output.csv on the SFTP site.

Step 5: StudioEnterprise Scheduled Activities (in System Administration – Scheduled Activities) run in the background polling the WE SFTP site for any file name that is different than the ones we have sent to date. These would be completion files created by WE. If the job finds a file ready for processing it completes the following tasks:

  • Updates the Q31 import tables
  • Processes as System Import (i.e., no user process needed)
  • Updates WE (A23_AccountWealthEngine table) records for accounts
  • Updates WE Bulk Run (N15) record to (per notes above)
  • At this point, WealthEngine data is available in SE as in this example

Have Questions?

Contact WealthEngine at or 855-200-0665 or via online chat. 

If you have any question Specific to your StudioEnterprise DMS/CRM, Please reach out to your DonorDirect support.