This is a detailed guide for integrating WealthEngine with your StratusLIVE if you have purchased the Connector access & API in your current contract with WealthEngine. This details steps involved in Set up & how to use WealthEngine from StratusLIVE.

Setting Up the Plug-In


Requirements from WealthEngine:

  1. WE subscription with Connector access & API.
  2. WealthEngine Username & password.
  3. API Key.    

Generating API key:

Please login to Developer Portal with your WealthEngine platform login credentials to generate your API key.


Before you can use the WealthEngine integration for the first time, a user with Administrator privileges must configure the WealthEngine Data Source with your organization’s specific WealthEngine credentials.

How to set up the WealthEngine Data Source:

1. Select the SL Settings work area in the navigation bar. Click Data Sources in the StratusLIVE Settings navigation option. 

2. The Active Data Sources view displays. Double-click the WealthEngine data source to open the record. 

Note: If the WealthEngine data source does not exist in your environment, click New in the command bar and proceed to Step 3

3. The WealthEngine data source form displays. Enter your organization’s specific information. Refer to the Wealth Engine Data Source Field Names Table below, if needed. 

Wealth Engine Data Source Field Names Table

4. Click Save or Save and Close if you are creating a new data source. Otherwise, your changes are automatically saved. 

Source: StratusLIVE- Brett Meyer

Have Questions?

Contact WealthEngine at or 855-200-0665 or via online chat. 

If you have any questions Specific to your StratusLIVE DMS/CRM, Please reach out to your StratusLIVE support.