WealthEngine provides the contact information, which includes the email data. To note, the WealthEngine system is not an email marketing tool and that is not the intended use case. If you choose to use the data for an email campaign or for any communications, we highly recommend that you use the email verification process that we offer. The email verification process is completed by our third-party data provider. They send the information through their system to verify which email has been active or responsive, this always varies on how the emails are being sent as well as security settings can play a part in the end users' response. Also, email data is very dynamic, any list will have emails that are not deliverable. 

Who can submit for email verification?

The email verification process is not included in our standard packaging. It's a credits-based product & it is sold at an additional cost. You can enquire with your respective Account Manager about the pricing. Only when the product "Email Verification" is added to your account. Our team will be able to fulfill your request.

How to Submit?


As mentioned above, this process is done by a third party & is a credit-based process. You can choose the profiles you want to run through this email verification process from the My profiles tab & export them in the "Full export US WE contact" template. Here's the article to help you export the profiles.

Batch Upload

To submit your exported profiles for email verification, please upload your file via the batch option. 

The instruction for uploading your file via the batch options is available here.

How are the results returned?

The results will be provided to you by our batch team through a secure FTP site. You will receive an email once your file is ready to be downloaded from the batch team. There will be many fields within that file but we have outlined the specific fields below that will indicate a verified email. 

How to Read the Results

You will note that emails are listed out by personal and business email. You will also see that emails are listed as personal 1-3 and business 1-3, the significance of the number is not for prioritization. Those numbers simply represent how the email was pulled into our system. 

In the image below you will see the individual's email addresses listed if an email address is available for that person. If all fields are blank no emails are available for the individual. As an example, the first row shows the individual has 3 personal emails and 1 business email.

In the next image, we can see the fields for email verification. If the field is blank, it means that we were not able to verify that email. If the field contains an email address then it is considered verified. Using the same example as before, in the first row we were able to identify that personal emails 1-3 are valid, however, we were NOT able to verify their business email. 

Additional examples are based on the images above. The second row shows that we have 2 personal emails and 1 business email, through the verification process we were only able to verify 1 personal email and 1 business email. In the third row we show 1 personal email and 1 business email, however, only the business email could be verified.