WealthEngine has been focused on refining our database with our attention set on prioritizing cleanliness, so we released an important database update. This release is the first phase of an ongoing data concurrence-focused process, and with a critical eye, we have managed to reduce the number of duplicate profiles in our dataset. By minimizing duplicates, our users benefit from a streamlined and more robust search, screening, and prospecting process that you'll feel confident in. You might be wondering, how this will impact you? This article should clarify/answer some of those questions for you. You can always contact our Support team for any further clarifications.

Profiles Saved in My Account:

My profiles

There will be no impact on the total number of profiles saved in your account. All of your screening, prospecting, Inner Circle & Major Donor lists will stay the same. We are not overwriting any of your saved profiles.

InnerCircle & Major Donor

We will not overwrite your Inner Circle & Major Donor list. It is possible some or none of the profiles will have enhanced data when you did a search for those profiles. This includes their connections as well. There is no need for you to update your ID or MD list, however, you can certainly add to your IC/MD list which should be something that you evaluate on a yearly basis. Please contact our Support team for further assistance.

Overall Platform Impact:

How Search will be impacted within the Platform?  

As part of this work, you will see fewer duplicate profiles within the Platform. Since we are reducing our database and merging profiles, you'll also see enriched profiles in search results.

  •  Quick/Advanced Search: You should see improved results and more accurate profiles as duplicates have been merged. 
  • Organization Search: No impact on the organization profiles, but will impact the list of individuals within the organization. The impact is positive as duplicates have been merged. 
  • Address Search: It will impact individual profiles who appear in the address search. The impact is for the better.

Impact on Prospecting tool

Overall, there will be fewer profile results returned through Prospecting due to the removal of duplicates. Our current total count of profiles we surface through prospecting is about 195 million profiles.

When prospecting with a robust selection of attributes, there may be more profile results returned due to enriched profiles. As such more profiles will now fit the criteria specified. 

  • Suppression within Prospecting:  

    It is possible that none/some of the profiles in your suppression list are merged or deleted. Still, we are going to suppress all those profiles from your prospecting query.

Impact on my Models, Analyze & Donor Pyramids/Campaigns

  • Models: There will be no impact on your existing models, as this is using the profiles saved in your account.
  • Analyze: As this is a real-time process, no impact on this. 
  • Donor Pyramids/Campaigns: There won't be any impact on any of your saved Campaigns, but it could impact an individual's capacity to give which in turn might put them into a different Tier in the Pyramid.

API & Integration

API & Integration clients will also receive the benefit of the deduped and enriched profiles. 

  • API Results: It will be impacted similarly to the Search, we’ll see enriched more robust profiles being returned through API. Find One(API) & Find Many(API) search results will be improved since duplicate profiles will not be returned.
  • Salesforce: More robust profiles will be seen in search results as duplicate profiles will not be returned.

Impact on Estimated Giving Capacity
Scores and wealth estimates may change. These derived data points are calculated using the data in profiles. Since some merged profiles will be more robust, these derived data points will most likely increase.