We have made enhancements to Analyze tool to maximize its performance and improve the workflow that will provide better visibility to your Analyze jobs. Also there will be a new "Analyze" tab on the platform so that you can now easily access all your analyze jobs for up to 90 days.

This article will cover

  • Expanded Capability
  • New Analyze Page
  • Workflow

Expanded Capability: Prior to this change, users were only able to view analyzed results once and could analyze a maximum of 20,000 records at a time. This new change allows you to submit a maximum of 50,000 records list to Analyze.

New Analyze page: We have created a new page that lists all the Analyzed jobs performed in the account and can access it at any time.

Note: Your Analyze job will be available for 90 days from the date of creation 

Workflow: Take a look at the steps below:

1. In WE platform navigate to My Profile or Screening tab, select the list of  records to be analyzed

2. Click on Analyze and expect a pop-up page, Create Analyze to input your Analyze name and description 

3. You will get a confirmation message that the request has been submitted, and can view the results later in the Analyze page

4.  User will receive an email notification once the request has been processed. In the email, the link will direct the user to the Analyze tab.