Hurray!! You have received the results, but what if you would like to export the results into your system. We have that sorted out for you through "Export" process. Exporting helps in getting your results into your system be it your PC, CRM, DMS.. But while trying to export these results you would need a template which helps the results be in a specific format with specific fields. We have different default templates listed in this article. Go ahead and check out the export templates attached:

1. Assets Summary Report: 19 fields 

2. Basic Export US: 119 fields  - Typically Recommend

3. Basic Export US WE contact: 137 fields  - Pulls all the contact information

4. DD Export Custom: 145 fields

5. Datatel Ellucian CRM Export: 114 fields

6. Financial Scores Report: 14 fields

7. Full Export US: 150 fields - Typically Recommend

8. Full Export US Capacity: 158 fields

9. Full Export US Capacity with 50 client Attributes: 193 fields

10. Full Export US WE Contact: 166 fields - Pulls all the contact information 

11. Jenzabar export: 45 fields

12. Major Donor Export:180 fields

13. Philanthropic Rating Summary Report: 18 fields

14. Planned Giving Report: 13 fields

15. Raisers Edge Attribute Basic Export: 5 fields

16. Raisers Edge Attribute Detail Export: 5 fields

17. Raisers Edge Prospect Basic Export: 6 fields

18. Raisers Edge Prospect Detail Export: 6 fields

19. Ratings Detail Report: 21 fields

20. Salesforce Export: 86 fields

21. Standard Partner Integration Export: 89 fields

22. Tessitura CRM export: 79 fields

If you're looking to create a custom export template you can follow this article: How To: Create Custom Export Template