The Express system is designed to quickly screen small to medium-sized files of fewer than 100,000 records at a time. When using the email template you will only need to input the emails to recieve results. We also allow you to include a "User Supplied ID" this will allow you to utilize the ID within your own CRM and ensure that results map back into your CRM correctly. If you do not have a "User Supplied ID" you can leave that field blank. 

You can include personal emails or business emails within the "Email" field. The system will search through all WealthEngine profiles and pull results for the best matched profile based on the email you have provided. The screening system will also remove duplicate emails from your file to avoid credit usage on duplicate individuals. 

Please note that if you have addresses available for your individuals we highly recommend using the basic or detailed templates as address data will create a stronger match. Address data is a strong data point within the industry compared to email data, this is why we recommend using addresses instead of email when possible. 

Scroll down to the bottom of this article to download the template! 

Field NameIs it required?Notes
1 (A)

User Supplied ID

(DMS or Constituent Record ID)*

Optional -- but important.
This field is only used for integrating the results back into your DMS / CRM system.
2 (B)



This can be personal or business emails which will be used for matching.