There are three different kinds of searches: Person, Organization, Address, and Specialty Tools. Each one will eventually take you to a person’s profile; you'll decide which to use depending on the information you are bringing to the table. 

Remember, there are no limits to the number of Searches you can do!


This article will cover:

  • Person Search
  • Organization Search
  • Address Search

Person Search

As long as you have your person’s name and can narrow your search down a little further using geographic details, a business tie, etc. then Person Search is your go-to. You can use either the default Quick or the Advanced options, but keep in mind that you may get different results depending on which you use. 

For example, if you know someone well then you might want to try Advanced. It could actually get you a more detailed profile! If this individual is new to you, however, then you should probably stick to using the default. 

Organization Search

Organization Search is designed to ultimately get you to a person’s profile. It can be used to find a new lead if you don’t know their name well enough to use the Person Search – but you do know they have a close tie to a particular organization.

You can use that relationship to find them!


Address Search

Address Search is designed to ultimately get you to a person’s profile. You can enter an address and the system will cast a wide net, bringing back every profile that is associated with it.

You can use this to find your individual!