The Major Donor feature cross-references the members of your list against the people you are researching and flags those who are a part of your major donor program. While this feature is typically used by our healthcare clients in evaluating their daily patient screenings, it’s available in all nonprofit WealthEngine subscription accounts.

Who are my Major Donors?

Your Major Donor list is simply made up of individuals who are involved in your organization’s Major Donor program. 


How It Works

If a profile that you’ve searched for or screened is tied to the Major Donor list, a Badge at the top of the page will be in green, indicating that fact.  

MD Member

The profile is for a person who you added to your list, identifying them as being involved in your Major Donor program.

MD Match

The profile is either a non-exact match (i.e. they might be one of your members) or was included as a spouse in your list input.


Adding People to Your List

There are a number of ways you can add people to your Major Donor lists. Let’s break them down:


Step 1: Open their profile and make sure it’s been Saved to My Profiles.


Step 2: Look to the Badges at the top of the page.

Step 3: Hover your mouse over them to identify which is the Major Donor (MD) Member badge.

Step 4: Click on it.

In Bulk

If you wish to save time, you can also add multiple people to your Major Donor list all at once:

Step 1: Enter your people into the Major Donor template.

  • Note: As long as you use the proper template, the computer will recognize that it isn’t screening and not subtract any of your credits. 

Step 2: Send the file in using the Batch Upload.

  • Note: This function is still being worked on in WE9, so it may take up to a week to process. Make sure to wait for the email to let you know that it is up and working!

Timing is Crucial!

Make sure that you set up your Major Donor members before you begin doing any significant work on the WE Platform! The lists only work going forward, which means that anyone you searched for or screened prior will not see the benefits of this feature.