The P2G stands for “Propensity to Give” and it is a sophisticated measure of their propensity for general philanthropic giving. This is our flagship score, and it likely presents the most complete picture of your person! You can take full advantage of the P2G by using it as a safety net and/or a way to segment your screening results when you’re trying to figure out who you want to focus on first. It’s great for both these purposes because, unlike our other scores, it will incorporate all the data in the profile, not just the more traditional wealth and assets information. In other words, it will also consider the strength and predictive value of specific data source matches (e.g. a tie to a family foundation) as a way of identifying potential major donors. This is especially valuable because some wealthy people have managed their finances and estates so as to make it look like they don’t own anything. The P2G is uniquely designed to catch them!

  • Note: This indicates how likely they are to give to someone – not necessarily how likely they are to give to you.


The P2G Score is a two-digit number. The first digit represents the category within which that particular individual falls, on a scale of 1-5.

 5 possible descriptive values:

       P2G 1 = Excellent

       P2G 2 = Above Average

       P2G 3 = Average

       P2G 4 = Fair

       P2G 5 = Unmatched

The second digit of each score is used to rank individuals within each primary category. Remember, when it comes to the P2G, the lower the number, the better the score!