We introduced a change to the Export feature in My Profiles that disables or greys out the export button for Inner Circle and Major Donor lists. This enhancement aims to restrict the export capability for these specific lists, ensuring a smoother user experience and preventing potential disruptions.


The Inner Circle and Major Donor serves as a flagging mechanism rather than a source of screened results. Consequently, exporting a flagged file from Inner Circle and Major Donor lists is restricted in My Profiles.

By implementing this feature, we ensure that the Inner Circle and Major Donor Lists are utilized solely as intended. Users can rely on the flagging mechanism without the risk of exporting potentially sensitive information

How to export a copy of Inner Circle and Major Donor lists?

You can now achieve this by uploading these lists via Express screening and exporting them as screening results. This method allows you to obtain an exported copy of your Inner Circle & Major Donor lists

Note: Please refer this KB article for How To Do An Express Screening